Mission Statement

The  doctors, nurses, staff and community healthcare team are dedicated to providing high quality, safe, patient centred care to improve the health, well-being and lives of patients and their families.

We aim to provide the best Primary Care Services possible working within local and national governance, guidelines and resources. 

Our Aims and Objectives

To provide a quality service:

By working within the NHS resources available to provide the highest possible quality of care that meets the identified needs of our patients.

To respect our patients and staff:

By treating our patients and staff with courtesy, dignity and respect at all times.  We will treat all fairly and be especially supportive to the vulnerable.  We expect respect in return.

To involve our patient in decisions:

By a whole team approach in supporting our patients to help them make decisions to improve and maintain their health.

To promote best practice:

By using specialist expertise within the practice team and externally. We encourage the continuous education and professional development of all members of the practice team. We will adapt to change, build on our achievements and develop our services.

To be a caring practice:

By conveying compassion in word and action whilst assessing and responding to needs.

To work together as a team:

By working as one flexible unit that enhances our colleagues’ ability to perform their roles.

To work with integrity:

By speaking and acting truthfully and being accountable for our actions.

To be a sustainable practice:

By operating on a financially sound basis.  Having as low an environmental impact with as reduced waste as possible.