Provent Study Trial

At the Port Isaac Surgery, we are taking part in an urgent public health research trial called PROVENT which is looking at giving patients antibodies against the coronavirus that causes COVID. This is an international study being run by Astra Zeneca in the NHS, and the UK and especially Cornwall – is leading the way in participation.

Below are a couple of links to study websites that give more information:

We are looking for people who do not expect to receive the vaccine in the next 2 months (likely to be those under the age of 50) to take part and potentially receive the antibody injection. Patients must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a BMI of over 30
  • Work in industrial settings where there is an increased risk of transmission such as factories
  • Have a serious underlying health problem like COPD, kidney failure or heart failure or taking high dose medicines that affect the immune system

If you feel you would be interested in learning more and taking part, then please email Dr Hearle before Thursday 11th February at:

Dr Nick Hearle